The Difference Between Justin Trudeau’s And Trump’s Reception In The Philippines Says It All

As world leaders descended on Manila, the capital of the Philippines, for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit, the reception from the locals for two leaders in particular couldn’t have been more different. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enjoyed a decidedly warm welcome, while Trump’s arrival led to scores of Filipino protestors taking to the streets.

While making a brief pit stop to order fried chicken for lunch, Trudeau was bombarded by smiling locals looking to take selfies with the popular world leader.

In a very different scene, to protest the arrival of Trump, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in Manila en route to the U.S. embassy. Riot police were forced to block the march as they chanted against the American president, such as “Trump, not welcome,” and wielded signs reading “Ban Trump” and “Dump Trump.”

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Trump’s arrival in Manila marks the final leg of what has been a tumultuous 12-day tour of Asia.

Filipinos – like Americans – increasingly fear that Trump’s belligerent rhetoric against North Korea’s Kim Jong-un will lead to war. His recent words, of course, have done nothing to assuage these concerns. Yesterday, the President tweeted what may very well be the single most petulant, childish tweet of his presidency.

It should be noted that Trump is a full-grown, 71-year-old adult.

Trump may have achieved his goal of becoming the most famous person in the world, but it is for all the wrong reasons. He would be well served to look to Canada’s Prime Minister for a lesson in what true leadership looks like.



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