Trump Tried To Trash The Emmys For Making Fun Of Him. Colbert’s Response Is Amazing (TWEETS)

This year’s Emmys were brutal for Donald Trump. Not only was he the main target in Stephen Colbert’s epic monologue, but his former White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, even joined in on the fun in trashing him.

To cope with his feelings of absolute inadequacy, Trump tried to trash Colbert and the “worst ever” Emmys in a tweet yesterday, and he immediately regretted it. Trump wrote:

“I was saddened to see how bad the ratings were on the Emmys last night – the worst ever. Smartest people of them all are the “DEPLORABLES.”

This is, of course, fake news – and Colbert directly called Trump out to let him know it. On last night’s The Late Show, Colbert reported that this year’s Emmys were seen by 11.4 million people – making it 100,000 more viewers than last year’s Emmys. Colbert even joked that it wasn’t the worst, but the second worst performing Emmys. Pointing to Spicer’s hilarious claim during the show, Colbert said:

“I swear I heard someone say at the Emmys that they were the highest-rated ever.”

Colbert then fact-checked the crap out of Trump. He said:

“Every single part of that tweet was factually inaccurate.”

Colbert also corrected him, stating that the Emmys weren’t on “last night” (they aired on Sunday). Colbert quipped:

“I checked the TV schedule.”

Colbert also stated that this year’s Emmys had 100,000 more viewers than the year prior:

“That’s right. We had the second worst ratings of all time. In your face.”

It was the perfect response to Trump’s moronic attacks – which have become very predictable whenever a television show targets him. Trump’s go-to has always been to treat everything like a popularity contest and go for the ratings – even though in most cases, trashing him results in better ratings. If Trump would spend more time doing his job instead of attacking shows on Twitter, maybe he could improve his own historically low ratings.

Featured image via Frederick M. Brown and Alex Wong / Getty Images