Trump Turns Into A Dictator Before Our Very Eyes In WEIRD Rant About ‘Military Strength’ (VIDEO)

One thing about Donald Trump’s presidency – besides the fact that his approval rating is historically low – is perfectly clear about is the fact that Trump never wanted to be the President of the United States in the first place. He hasn’t spent much time actually doing his job at all, and basically relies on others to do his dirty work (or claims the accomplishments of former President Barack Obama as his own).

Trump isn’t a president – he is something far worse. Earlier today, Trump turned into America’s worst nightmare as he became what most of us have dreaded right before our very eyes. In a meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron at the United Nations Press Conference, Trump practically transformed into a dictator just by forming a few sentences, marking a terrifying moment for all the level headed people who voted against him.

Trump, in a weird rant admiring France’s military parade, praised Macron and his country for their Bastille Day parade, which Trump witnessed when he visited France earlier this year. Praising “military strength” over and over, Trump creepily said he would like to have his own military celebration on the Fourth of July. He said:

“At Bastille Day, one of the greatest parades I’ve ever seen. It was two hours and it was military might, and I think a tremendous thing for France… Because of what I’ve witnessed, we may do something like that on July Fourth, in Washington down Pennsylvania Avenue. We’re gonna have to try and top [Bastille Day parade]… So we’re actually thinking about Fourth of July, Pennsylvania Avenue having a really great parade to show our military strength. We’re spending this year $700 billion, more than we’ve ever spent on our military.”

A military parade sounds pretty much like a dictatorship – and that’s what Trump has always wanted. He wants unchecked power and for no one to question him. Trump is living up to every negative prediction we had for him, and we’re horrified to see what will come next. You can watch Trump deliver this awkward speech below:

Featured image via Andrew Renneisen  / Getty Images