Trump Just Disgraced America Overseas. Chuck Todd’s Response Is Perfect

President Trump didn’t just humiliate himself in Poland today. He disgraced the foundation of the United States of America.

Our country’s Founders enshrined the free press in the First Amendment to the Constitution, and this morning, the President degraded that principle overseas — not only defaming the institution but implying that he deserved preferential treatment for making them money in the past:

Chuck Todd, NBC News’ political director and host of Meet the Press, saw Trump’s remarks as more than just an abdication of American values. He saw a favor, even if unintended, to the President’s biggest campaign supporter, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin has spearheaded a power struggle for influence in Eastern Europe’s former Soviet Bloc, between his authoritarian Russia-centric ideology and the principles of Western democracies associated with the European Union and, until recently, the United States.

To that devious end, Russia invested much in America’s 2016 election, and Todd is among the many who see Putin’s investment in Trump paying off even better than expected.