CNN’s Zakaria Claims ‘Victory’, Saying Basically Everyone In America Is A Democrat

Right now, Republicans dominate the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. In the eyes of many, this is a huge leap forward and the opportunity to get things done. But according to CNN, America is still made up of Democrats.

“The Democratic economic agenda is broadly popular with the public,” CNN’s Fareed Zakaria said in a recent interview. “More people prefer the party’s views to those of Republicans on taxes, poverty reduction, health care, government benefits, and even climate change and energy policy. In one recent poll, 3 in 4 supported raising the minimum wage to $9. 72% wanted to provide pre-K to all 4-year-olds in poor families.”

He’s probably referring to the same polls that predicted Trump had zero chance of winning the election—but that’s another story.

“The more I study this subject, the more I am convinced that people cast their vote mostly based on an emotional bond with a candidate, a sense that they get each other. Democrats have to recognize this,” Zakaria continued.

“They should always stay true to their ideals, of course, but yet convey to a broad section of Americans — rural, less-educated, older, whiter — that they understand and respect their lives, their values and their worth,” he concluded. “It’s a much harder balancing act than one more push to raise the minimum wage. But this cultural realm is the crossroads of politics today.”

What do you think? Are CNN and their reporters clearly out of touch with reality?